J'ai bien rigolé J'ai adoré J'ai aimé Pas mal ! J'ai pas aimé Je me suis endormi J'ai détesté

4 saisons, 69 épisodes


Série terminée

1ère diffusion : 17 septembre 1957

Genre : Western

Épisode : 45min

Will Hutchins starred as Tom Brewster, an Easterner who headed west to seek his fortune with hopes of becoming an attorney. Though basically mild-mannered and peaceful, Brewster frequently found himself in violent situations and usually tried to use reason rather than gunplay to get himself out of these tight spots. Because of his peaceful nature and because he hailed from the East, Brewster found himself stuck with the nickname of "Sugarfoot" which was one notch lower than a tenderfoot.

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Will Hutchins

Will Hutchins

Tom Brewster

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