Yusuke Iseya

Acteur et réalisateur de 43 ans (29 mai 1976)


Yūsuke Iseya is a Japanese actor born in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan.
He attended Nihon University Buzan Senior High School, and then studied design at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduating, he entered the university's graduate department for research in the arts, where he completed a master's degree. Iseya attended English school from the time he was 12, and participated in a short-term study abroad in New York in his fourth year of university. He has also received favorable reviews on his performances in English.
He first debuted as a fashion model, but afterwards has worked mainly as an actor. With his modeling career, Yūsuke is known for Loreal, Men's Nonno magazine, Prada, and Asahi Aqua Blue.
Yūsuke extended his career from modeling and being an artist to director and actor. He made his directorial debut in 2003 with Kakuto. He is also known for his performances in Casshern and Ashita no Joe. His works include Sinking Moon in 2002, a movie collaboration with J-pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki in which he stars as her lover.
As of 2012, aside from the two series Ryōmaden and Shirasu Jirō, both created by NHK, he has not performed in any other serial television dramas. The reason for this, he has said, is that television dramas often have more than one director, which leads to a lack of unity in directing, and the scripts can change depending on viewership ratings, which he, as someone involved with making film, cannot accept.



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