Wynne Gibson

Actrice née le 03 juillet 1905 (décédée à 81 ans)


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The Falcon Strikes Back

de Edward Dmytryk

Film The Falcon Strikes Back

Double Cross

de Albert H. Kelley

Film Double Cross

Forgotten Girls

de Phil Rosen

Film Forgotten Girls

Cafe Hostess

de Sidney Salkow

Film Cafe Hostess

My Son is Guilty

de Charles Barton

Film My Son is Guilty

Miracle on Main Street

de Steve Sekely

Film Miracle on Main Street

Gangs of New York

de James Cruze

Film Gangs of New York

Trapped by G-Men

de Lewis D. Collins

Film Trapped by G-Men

Racketeers in Exile

de Erle C. Kenton

Film Racketeers in Exile

The Captain Hates the Sea

de Lewis Milestone

Film The Captain Hates the Sea

Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men

de Mark Sandrich

Film Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men

Emergency Call

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Emergency Call

The Crime of the Century

de William Beaudine

Film The Crime of the Century

The Devil Is Driving

de Benjamin Stoloff

Film The Devil Is Driving

Si j'avais un million

de James Cruze

Film Si j'avais un million

Night After Night

de Archie Mayo

Film Night After Night

Lady and Gent

de Stephen Roberts

Film Lady and Gent

Two Kinds of Women

de William C. de Mille

Film Two Kinds of Women

Ladies of the Big House

de Marion Gering

Film Ladies of the Big House

Kick In

de Richard Wallace

Film Kick In

Man of the World

de Richard Wallace

Film Man of the World

The Fall Guy

de Leslie Pearce

Film The Fall Guy

Children of Pleasure

de Harry Beaumont

Film Children of Pleasure

Nothing But the Truth

de Victor Schertzinger

Film Nothing But the Truth