Willis Bouchey

Acteur né le 24 mai 1907 (décédé à 70 ans)


Willis Ben Bouchey was an American character actor who appeared in almost 150 films and television shows. He was born in Vernon, Michigan, but reared by his mother and stepfather in Washington State.
Bouchey may be best known for his appearances in The Horse Soldiers, The Long Gray Line, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Big Heat, No Name on the Bullet, and Suddenly. He also made uncredited appearances in From Here to Eternity, How the West Was Won, Them!, and A Star is Born. Bouchey appeared as a sheep trader in the title 1958 episode "Cash Robertson" of the NBC children's western series, Buckskin. He was cast twice in the 1960-1961 ABC sitcom, Harrigan and Son, starring Pat O'Brien and Roger Perry. He guest starred on CBS's Dennis the Menace and played a judge in twenty-three episodes of that same network's Perry Mason. He also worked again with Perry Mason title star Raymond Burr in an episode of NBC's Ironside. He made a few guest appearances on Dragnet, Johnny Ringo, and The Andy Griffith Show.
On ABC's Colt .45 television series, Bouchey played Lew Wallace, the governor of New Mexico Territory, in the episode "Amnesty". Wallace offered a pardon to the bandit Billy the Kid, played on Colt .45 by Mike Road, who was also a star of the Buckskin series.


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