Veda Ann Borg

Actrice née le 11 janvier 1915 (décédée à 58 ans)


Veda Ann Borg was an American film actress.
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Borg was the daughter of Gottfried Borg, a Swedish immigrant and Minna Noble. She became a model in 1936 before winning a contract at Paramount Pictures. A car crash in 1939 necessitated drastic reconstruction of her face by plastic surgery. She appeared in more than one hundred films, including Mildred Pierce, Chicken Every Sunday, Love Me or Leave Me, Guys and Dolls, Thunder in the Sun, and The Alamo.
Borg began accepting parts in television when the new medium opened up. From 1952 through 1961, she appeared on shows such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, General Electric Theater, The 20th Century-Fox Hour, The Abbott and Costello Show, The Restless Gun, Bonanza, The Red Skelton Show, Adventures of Superman, Wild Bill Hickok, and Mr. & Mrs. North, among many others. In 1953-54, she substituted for Joan Blondell as "Honeybee Gillis" in The Life of Riley TV series.
Borg was married to Paul Herrick and to director Andrew McLaglen they had one child, Andrew Victor McLaglen II.
She died of cancer in Hollywood.



de John Wayne

Film Alamo

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de Russell Rouse

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de Sam Newfield

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de Thomas Carr

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de Lesley Selander

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One Last Fling

de Peter Godfrey

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Jungle Raiders

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de Vernon Keays

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Le Grand Boum

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de Kurt Neumann

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Revenge of the Zombies

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Franc Jeu

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The Pittsburgh Kid

de Jack Townley

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Down in San Diego

de Robert B. Sinclair

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I'll Wait for You

de Robert B. Sinclair

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The Penalty

de Harold S. Bucquet

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Arkansas Judge

de Frank McDonald

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Behind the News

de Joseph Santley

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Chante mon amour

de W.S. Van Dyke

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Melody Ranch

de Joseph Santley

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Laughing at Danger

de Howard Bretherton

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Dr. Christian Meets the Women

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I Take This Oath

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