Toshiaki Karasawa

Acteur de 57 ans (03 juin 1963)


Toshiaki Karasawa is a Japanese theatre and film actor. He made his theatrical debut in the play Voice Review Stay Gold in 1987. He specialises in theatrical action sequences such as swordplay and fighting. He dubbed over the roles of Tom Hanks in the Toy Story series and The Polar Express.
He has been nominated for two Japanese Academy Awards, and was named Best Newcomer in 1992. He married actress Tomoko Yamaguchi on December 15, 1995.


Persona Non Grata

de Cellin Gluck

Film Persona Non Grata

In the Hero

de Masaharu Take

Film In the Hero

A Ghost of a Chance

de Koki Mitani

Film A Ghost of a Chance

1945 - End of war

de Hideyuki Hirayama

Film 1945 - End of war

20th Century Boys - Chapitre 2 : Le...

de Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Film 20th Century Boys - Chapitre 2 : Le Dernier Espoir

20th Century boys

de Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Film 20th Century boys

20th Century Boys - Chapitre 3 : No...

de Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Film 20th Century Boys - Chapitre 3 : Notre Drapeau

Snakes and Earrings

de Yukio Ninagawa

Film Snakes and Earrings

The Magic Hour

de Koki Mitani

Film The Magic Hour


de Kazuaki Kiriya

Film Casshern

Warau Iemon

de Yukio Ninagawa

Film Warau Iemon

The Blue Light

de Yukio Ninagawa

Film The Blue Light

All About Our House

de Koki Mitani

Film All About Our House

Round About Midnight

de Makoto Wada

Film Round About Midnight

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

de Koki Mitani

Film Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

Birthday Present

de Michio Mitsuno

Film Birthday Present

High School Teacher

de Ken Yoshida

Film High School Teacher

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