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Taylor Grace Geare is an American child actress with many television and film roles, starting in 2008, most notably in the 2009 film Brothers, in the role of Maggie Cahill, the younger daughter of Captain Sam Cahill. She also had a role as Teya in the Natalie Portman segment of New York, I Love You. Geare's younger sister, Claire Geare is also an actress.
Geare made her major motion picture debut in the movie 1% alongside Donal Logue and Kim Dickens in which she plays Mackenzie. She also had a significant role in the movie Brothers, where she plays Maggie Cahill, the youngest daughter of Captain Sam Cahill and his high school sweetheart Grace. Geare also appearred in the Natalie Portman segment of New York, I Love You. She also had a small role in Grey's Anatomy in the 6 season, episode I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me as a little girl called Sage who just had a tumor removed from her stomach and hides under the bed covers from Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Cristina Yang.


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