Tara Spencer-Nairn

Actrice de 42 ans (06 janvier 1978)


Tara Spencer-Nairn is a Canadian actress best known for her work on the television series Corner Gas, in which she played police officer Karen Pelly from 2004 to 2009.
Spencer-Nairn has appeared in a number of film and TV productions since the mid-1990s. Some of her most notable film appearances include New Waterford Girl, Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled, and television guest appearances on Puppets Who Kill, Relic Hunter, Tom Stone, Bliss, Flashpoint, and two appearances on the 1990s revival of The Outer Limits. In 1995, she portrayed Wayne Gretzky's sister Kim Gretzky in the movie Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story.
Concurrent to appearing in Corner Gas, the actress also appeared on the science fiction series ReGenesis.
In 2011, Spencer-Nairn joined the Season 2 cast of CTV's The Listener to play Nurse Sandy, head triage nurse at fictional St. Luke's Hospital.


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