Susie Abromeit

Actrice de 37 ans (15 novembre 1982)


She was on the Dean's list and Honor Roll at Duke University.

Has had several top requested songs on the radio in Florida beating out national acts.

She's a singer/songwriter. She plays guitar and produces her own music.

Played tennis for Duke University on a full scholarship where her team went on to win indoor NCAA's.

She was ranked no. 6 in the USA in junior tennis and no. 1 in Florida.

She has been skiing since she was 2 years old and when she was 11 was on the federation ski team in New England.

Favorite animal are dogs and loves German Shepards.

Adopted two stray cats named Boots and Oliver.

Her brother-in-law, Mike Dunham was a silver medalist and was the goalie for the New York Rangers.

Her sister Kate Merrill, is a two-time Emmy winner reporter.


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