Shaun Fleming



Shaun Michael Fleming is an American actor and musician. Fleming was born in Westlake Village, California and graduated from Agoura High School located in Agoura Hills, California. He began his career starring in the independent film Operation Splitsville which led to his first role for the Walt Disney Corporation Max Goof in the film "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas". Fleming continued his career primarily as a voice actor, appearing as a regular on Kim Possible where he played the twin brothers Jim and Tim Possible for the first three seasons, and Lilo & Stitch: The Series where he played Keoni Jameson. In 2003, Fleming landed his first Full length feature Jeepers Creepers II, where he played the young farmboy, Billy, who was abducted in the opening scenes of the film. In 2004, Fleming would reprise his leading role as Leonard Amadeus Helperman for the animated feature "Teacher's Pet". In 2008, Fleming played Jimmy Livingston in Bubble Boy: The Musical, a stage adaptation of the 2001 film Bubble Boy.


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