Serge Houde

Acteur de 67 ans (16 février 1953)


Serge Houde is a Canadian film and television character actor. He is best known for his starring role in Jon Cassar's Emmy nominated miniseries The Kennedys playing the notorious Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana opposite Tom Wilkinson and Barry Pepper.
Houde began acting at age 35 and has made a career out of playing both good & bad guys with well over 160 film and TV productions to his credit.
Besides his role as Sam Giancana in The Kennedys, Houde also appeared in the Seth Rogen-starring feature, 50/50, which had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011. In it, he played Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character's father and Anjelica Huston's character's husband; his character suffered from Alzheimer's. He also starred as The Doctor in Episode 9 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Kevin Tancharoen's web series anthology inspired by the popular video game of the same name.



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