Russell Hopton

Acteur né le 18 février 1900 (décédé à 45 ans)


Russell Hopton was an American film actor. He appeared in 110 films between 1926 and 1945, often playing streetwise characters, from the city. He was born in New York, New York and died of an overdose of sleeping pills in North Hollywood, California.


A l'ouest du Pecos

de Edward Killy

Film A l'ouest du Pecos

A Night of Adventure

de Gordon Douglas

Film A Night of Adventure

On the Spot

de Howard Bretherton

Film On the Spot

Femmes sans nom

de Robert Florey

Film Femmes sans nom

Mutiny in the Big House

de William Nigh

Film Mutiny in the Big House

Le Saint contre-attaque

de John Farrow

Film Le Saint contre-attaque

Tarnished Angel

de Leslie Goodwins

Film Tarnished Angel

One Mile From Heaven

de Allan Dwan

Film One Mile From Heaven

Angel's Holiday

de James Tinling

Film Angel's Holiday

We Who Are About to Die

de Christy Cabanne

Film We Who Are About to Die

Beware Of Ladies

de Irving Pichel

Film Beware Of Ladies

Boulder Dam

de Frank McDonald

Film Boulder Dam

Sutter's Gold

de James Cruze

Film Sutter's Gold

False Pretenses

de Charles Lamont

Film False Pretenses

Valley of Wanted Men

de Alan James

Film Valley of Wanted Men

Death from a Distance

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Death from a Distance

Cheers of the Crowd

de Vin Moore

Film Cheers of the Crowd

Circus Shadows

de Charles Hutchison

Film Circus Shadows

Star of Midnight

de Stephen Roberts

Film Star of Midnight

Les Hors-la-loi

de William Keighley

Film Les Hors-la-loi

Times Square Lady

de George B. Seitz

Film Times Square Lady

I Sell Anything

de Robert Florey

Film I Sell Anything


de Archie Mayo

Film Desirable

Take the Stand

de Phil Rosen

Film Take the Stand

He Was Her Man

de Lloyd Bacon

Film He Was Her Man

Back Page

de Anton Lorenze

Film Back Page

Born to Be Bad

de Lowell Sherman

Film Born to Be Bad

Men in White

de Richard Boleslawski

Film Men in White

Le Tombeur

de Roy Del Ruth

Film Le Tombeur

Curtain at Eight

de E. Mason Hopper

Film Curtain at Eight

Elmer, The Great

de Mervyn LeRoy

Film Elmer, The Great

Destination Unknown

de Tay Garnett

Film Destination Unknown

Le petit géant

de Roy Del Ruth

Film Le petit géant

Tom Brown of Culver

de William Wyler

Film Tom Brown of Culver

Radio Patrol

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Radio Patrol

The Famous Ferguson Case

de Lloyd Bacon

Film The Famous Ferguson Case

The Big Timer

de Edward Buzzell

Film The Big Timer

Law and order

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Law and order

The Drifter

de William A. O'Connor

Film The Drifter


de John Ford

Film Arrowsmith

Street Scene

de King Vidor

Film Street Scene

The Star Witness

de William A. Wellman

Film The Star Witness

The Miracle Woman

de Frank Capra

Film The Miracle Woman

Dance, Fools, Dance

de Harry Beaumont

Film Dance, Fools, Dance

New Moon

de Jack Conway

Film New Moon

Min and Bill

de George W. Hill

Film Min and Bill

Remote Control

de Nick Grinde

Film Remote Control

Tête brûlée

de John Ford

Film Tête brûlée