Robert Le Vigan

Acteur né le 07 janvier 1900 (décédé à 72 ans)


Robert Le Vigan was a French actor.
Born Robert-Charles-Alexandre Coquillaud in Paris, he appeared in more than sixty films between 1931 and 1943 almost exclusively in small or supporting roles. He was, according to film academic Ginette Vincendeau, a "brilliant, extravagant actor" who "specialised in louche, menacing or diabolical characters". A collaborator with the Nazis during the occupation, who openly expressed fascist attitudes, he vanished while playing Jéricho in Children of Paradise, a film deliberately released in May 1945 shortly after the liberation of Europe; Le Vigan was replaced by Pierre Renoir. Sentenced to forced labour for ten years in 1946, he absconded to Spain, and then Argentina, dying in Tandil.


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