Richard Waugh



Richard Waugh is a Canadian voice actor, perhaps best known for providing the voice of Albert Wesker in the video games Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4. He also voiced Wesker in a fictional documentary titled Wesker's Report, as well as voicing various minor characters throughout the Resident Evil franchise. His distinctive approach to voicing the Wesker character has influenced the performances of subsequent actors in the role, including Jason O'Mara and D.C. Douglas.
Waugh spent six years with the Shaw Festival multiple award-winner for work in commercials. On television, he was a member of the repertory cast of the A&E TV series A Nero Wolfe Mystery. He also played the title role of Jimmy MacDonald in Jimmy MacDonald's Canada, a 2005 comedy mockumentary that ran on CBC. In film Richard Waugh starred alongside Timothy Dalton in the film Possessed. He also had a brief appearance in the film Ice Bound. He played an FBI agent in the 2003 remake of The In-laws.


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