René Liu

Actrice et réalisatrice de 51 ans (01 juin 1969)


René Liu was born June 1, 1970. She is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She is the first to win Best Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in both television and film productions. She has several albums out including I'm Fine.


Speed Angels

de Jingle Ma

Film Speed Angels

Starry, Starry Night

de Tom Lin

Film Starry, Starry Night

Love in Space

de Tony Chan

Film Love in Space

Mr. & Mrs. Single

de Patrick Kong

Film Mr. & Mrs. Single

Hot Summer Days

de Tony Chan

Film Hot Summer Days


de Law Chi-Leung

Film Kidnap

The Matrimony

de Hua-Tao Teng

Film The Matrimony

Happy Birthday

de Jingle Ma

Film Happy Birthday

A world without thieves

de Feng Xiaogang

Film A world without thieves

20 30 40

de Sylvia Chang

Film 20 30 40

Shuang tong

de Chen Kuo-Fu

Film Shuang tong

Partagerait bonheur...

de Chen Kuo-Fu

Film Partagerait bonheur...

Fleeing by Night

de Li-Kong Hsu

Film Fleeing by Night

Murmur of Youth

Film Murmur of Youth

Tonight Nobody Goes Home

de Sylvia Chang

Film Tonight Nobody Goes Home

The Peony Pavilion

de Chen Kuo-Fu

Film The Peony Pavilion

Siao Yu

de Sylvia Chang

Film Siao Yu

Us and Them

de René Liu

Film Us and Them