Peter Whitney

Acteur né le 24 mai 1916 (décédé à 55 ans)


Peter Whitney was an American actor in film and television. Born as Peter King Engle in Long Branch, New Jersey, Whitney's corpulent, heavy build qualified him to play villains in many Hollywood films in the 1940s and 1950s.
From the late 1950s, he played character roles in many television series, including nine appearances on ABC's The Rifleman. One of his The Rifleman appearances was in "Mail Order Groom", in which he portrayed John Jupiter, a man of great physical strength being harassed by two townsmen, played by John Anderson and Sandy Kenyon, who had quarreled with Whitney's intended spinster bride, Isabel Dent, played by Alice Backes.
From 1958-1959, Whitney had a co-starring role as Buck Sinclair, a former sergeant of the Union Army, in all thirty-nine episodes of the ABC western series The Rough Riders.
Whitney was a guest star too on the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Colt .45, He played the part of Ralph in the 1958 episode "Mantrap", with Don "Red" Barry cast as Percival.
Other series on which Whitney appeared were The Public Defender, Gunsmoke, City Detective, Fury, My Friend Flicka, Sheriff of Cochise, Behind Closed Doors, Northwest Passage, Tate, Tombstone Territory, Johnny Ringo, Bourbon Street Beat, Overland Trail, Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Monkees, Perry Mason, The Beverly Hillbillies, Rawhide, and Hawaii Five-O.


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