Peggy Ryan



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All Ashore

de Richard Quine

Film All Ashore

There's a Girl in My Heart

de Arthur Dreifuss

Film There's a Girl in My Heart

Patrick the Great

de Frank Ryan

Film Patrick the Great

Bowery to Broadway

de Charles Lamont

Film Bowery to Broadway

Follow the Boys

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film Follow the Boys

Chip Off the Old Block

de Charles Lamont

Film Chip Off the Old Block

Top Man

de Charles Lamont

Film Top Man

Mister Big

de Charles Lamont

Film Mister Big

Get Hep to Love

de Charles Lamont

Film Get Hep to Love

Miss Annie Rooney

de Edwin L. Marin

Film Miss Annie Rooney

Private Buckaroo

de Edward F. Cline

Film Private Buckaroo

Girls' Town

de Victor Halperin

Film Girls' Town

What's Cookin'?

de Edward F. Cline

Film What's Cookin'?

The Flying Irishman

de Leigh Jason

Film The Flying Irishman

The Women Men Marry

de Errol Taggart

Film The Women Men Marry

Top of the Town

de Ralph Murphy

Film Top of the Town