Nobuko Otowa

Actrice née le 01 octobre 1925 (décédée à 69 ans)


Nobuko Otowa was a Japanese actress. She appeared in 134 films between 1950 and 1994. She gave up a career as a star to appear in Story of a Beloved Wife and became the mistress of the director Kaneto Shindō. She later married him in 1977 after his previous wife divorced him and then died. She posthumously won the award for best supporting actress at the 19th Japan Academy Prize for A Last Note, having been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer during its production. Half of her ashes are scattered on the island of Sukune in Mihara, Hiroshima where The Naked Island was filmed.


By Player

de Kaneto Shindō

Film By Player

Le Testament Du Soir

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Le Testament Du Soir

Black Board

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Black Board


de Yasuo Furuhata

Film Yasha

Madame Oyû

de Kenji Mizoguchi

Film Madame Oyû

Edo Porn

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Edo Porn

Nurse's Husband

de Seijiro Koyama

Film Nurse's Husband

The Life of Chikuzan

de Kaneto Shindō

Film The Life of Chikuzan

My Way

de Kaneto Shindō

Film My Way


de Kaneto Shindō

Film Hymn

Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

Heat Wave Island

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Heat Wave Island

Red Lion

de Kihachi Okamoto

Film Red Lion

Monument to the Girl's Corps

de Toshio Masuda

Film Monument to the Girl's Corps

The Black Cat

de Kaneto Shindō

Film The Black Cat

Once a Rainy Day

de Hideo Onchi

Film Once a Rainy Day


de Keisuke Kinoshita

Film Koge


de Kaneto Shindō

Film Onibaba


de Kaneto Shindō

Film Human

Élégie du Nord

de Heinosuke Gosho

Film Élégie du Nord

Sekai daisensô

de Shûe Matsubayashi

Film Sekai daisensô

Eien no hito

de Keisuke Kinoshita

Film Eien no hito

L'Île nue

de Kaneto Shindō

Film L'Île nue

The Approach of Autumn

de Mikio Naruse

Film The Approach of Autumn

The Twilight Story

de Shirô Toyoda

Film The Twilight Story

The Wolves

de Kaneto Shindō

Film The Wolves


de Kaneto Shindō

Film Ditch

Les enfants d'Hiroshima

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Les enfants d'Hiroshima

La Cérémonie

de Nagisa Ōshima

Film La Cérémonie

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