Mary Gordon

Actrice née le 16 mai 1882 (décédée à 81 ans)


Mary Gordon was a Scottish actress, long in the United States, who specialized in housekeepers and mothers, most notably the landlady Mrs. Hudson in the Sherlock Holmes series of movies of the 1930s and 1940s. She would appear in nearly 300 films between 1925 and 1950.
She was born Mary Gilmour, the fifth of seven children of Glasgow wire weaver Robert Gilmour and his wife Mary. She worked as a dressmaker before finding work on the stage. Joining a company bound for an American tour, she came to the U.S. in her twenties, apparently making a few appearances on Broadway in small roles, but primarily touring in stock companies.
With her mother and daughter, she arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-1920s and began playing variations on the roles she would spend her career on. She became friends with John Ford while making Hangman's House in 1928 and made seven more films for him. In 1939, she took on her best-remembered role as Sherlock Holmes' landlady and played the role in ten films and numerous radio plays. She was a charter member of the Hollywood Canteen, entertaining servicemen throughout the Second World War. On the radio show Those We Love, she played the regular role of Mrs. Emmett.


Deputy Marshal

de William Berke

Film Deputy Marshal

The Strange Mrs. Crane

de Sam Newfield

Film The Strange Mrs. Crane

The Judge Steps Out

de Boris Ingster

Film The Judge Steps Out

Roses Are Red

de James Tinling

Film Roses Are Red

The Invisible Wall

de Eugene Forde

Film The Invisible Wall


de George Blair

Film Exposed

Shadows Over Chinatown

de Terry O. Morse

Film Shadows Over Chinatown

The Hoodlum Saint

de Norman Taurog

Film The Hoodlum Saint

Sentimental Journey

de Walter Lang

Film Sentimental Journey

Little Giant

de William A. Seiter

Film Little Giant


de William Nigh

Film Divorce

La Femme en vert

de Roy William Neill

Film La Femme en vert

Captain Eddie

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Captain Eddie

Le récupérateur de cadavres

de Robert Wise

Film Le récupérateur de cadavres

La Perle des Borgia

de Roy William Neill

Film La Perle des Borgia

Million Dollar Kid

de Wallace Fox

Film Million Dollar Kid

Sherlock Holmes et la femme à l'ara...

de Victor Fleming

Film Sherlock Holmes et la femme à l'araignée

The Racket Man

de D. Ross Lederman

Film The Racket Man

Sarong Girl

de Arthur Dreifuss

Film Sarong Girl

Sherlock Holmes à Washington

de Roy William Neill

Film Sherlock Holmes à Washington

Keep 'em Slugging

de Christy Cabanne

Film Keep 'em Slugging

Sherlock Holmes et l'arme secrète

de Roy William Neill

Film Sherlock Holmes et l'arme secrète

La tombe de la momie

de Harold Young

Film La tombe de la momie

Sherlock Holmes et la Voix de la te...

de John Rawlins

Film Sherlock Holmes et la Voix de la terreur

It Happened in Flatbush

de Ray McCarey

Film It Happened in Flatbush

Meet the Stewarts

de Alfred E. Green

Film Meet the Stewarts


de Robert Siodmak

Film Fly-By-Night

Blue, White, and Perfect

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Blue, White, and Perfect

Sealed Lips

de George Waggner

Film Sealed Lips

Borrowed Hero

de Lewis D. Collins

Film Borrowed Hero

Appointment for Love

de William A. Seiter

Film Appointment for Love

It Started with Eve

de Henry Koster

Film It Started with Eve

Double Cross

de Albert H. Kelley

Film Double Cross

L'or du ciel

de George Marshall

Film L'or du ciel

La Femme Invisible

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film La Femme Invisible

Kitty Foyle

de Sam Wood

Film Kitty Foyle

Young People

de Allan Dwan

Film Young People

Les Daltons arrivent

de George Marshall

Film Les Daltons arrivent

Brother Orchid

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Brother Orchid

I Take This Oath

de Sam Newfield

Film I Take This Oath

Femmes sans nom

de Robert Florey

Film Femmes sans nom

Mr. Smith au Sénat

de Frank Capra

Film Mr. Smith au Sénat

Le Retour de l'homme invisible

de Joe May

Film Le Retour de l'homme invisible

Day-time Wife

de Gregory Ratoff

Film Day-time Wife

The Marshal Of Mesa City

de David Howard

Film The Marshal Of Mesa City

The Escape

de Ricardo Cortez

Film The Escape

Sherlock Holmes

de Alfred L. Werker

Film Sherlock Holmes

Tell No Tales

de Leslie Fenton

Film Tell No Tales

Captain Fury

de Hal Roach

Film Captain Fury

Code of the Streets

de Harold Young

Film Code of the Streets

Broadway Serenade

de Robert Z. Leonard

Film Broadway Serenade

Tail Spin

de Roy Del Ruth

Film Tail Spin

Wings of the Navy

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Wings of the Navy


de Alfred L. Werker

Film Gateway

Blond Cheat

de Joseph Santley

Film Blond Cheat


de Alfred L. Werker

Film Kidnapped

Lady Behave!

de Lloyd Corrigan

Film Lady Behave!

You're Only Young Once

de George B. Seitz

Film You're Only Young Once

Double Wedding

de Richard Thorpe

Film Double Wedding

You Can't Have Everything

de Norman Taurog

Film You Can't Have Everything

The Plough and the Stars

de John Ford

Film The Plough and the Stars

The Plot Thickens

de Ben Holmes

Film The Plot Thickens

Great Guy

de John G. Blystone

Film Great Guy

Stage Struck

de Busby Berkeley

Film Stage Struck

Little Miss Nobody

de John G. Blystone

Film Little Miss Nobody

The Lady Consents

de Stephen Roberts

Film The Lady Consents

L'Ange blanc

de William Dieterle

Film L'Ange blanc

Waterfront Lady

de Joseph Santley

Film Waterfront Lady

The Irish in Us

de Lloyd Bacon

Film The Irish in Us


de Lewis Seiler

Film Ginger

Vanessa: Her Love Story

de William K. Howard

Film Vanessa: Her Love Story

The Little Minister

de Richard Wallace

Film The Little Minister

The Defense Rests

de Lambert Hillyer

Film The Defense Rests

Change of Heart

de John G. Blystone

Film Change of Heart

L'Homme invisible

de James Whale

Film L'Homme invisible

Sérénade à trois

de Ernst Lubitsch

Film Sérénade à trois

Broadway Thru a Keyhole

de Lowell Sherman

Film Broadway Thru a Keyhole

Meet The Baron

de Walter Lang

Film Meet The Baron

The Power and the Glory

de William K. Howard

Film The Power and the Glory


de John Cromwell

Film Sweepings

Men Must Fight

de Edgar Selwyn

Film Men Must Fight

Dancers in the Dark

de David Burton

Film Dancers in the Dark

The Expert

de Archie Mayo

Film The Expert

Texas Cyclone

de D. Ross Lederman

Film Texas Cyclone

24 Hours

de Marion Gering

Film 24 Hours

The Black Camel

de Hamilton MacFadden

Film The Black Camel

Song o' My Heart

de Frank Borzage

Film Song o' My Heart

Anybody's Woman

de Dorothy Arzner

Film Anybody's Woman

Far West

de William Wyler

Film Far West

The Saturday Night Kid

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film The Saturday Night Kid

Madame X

de Lionel Barrymore

Film Madame X

Bessie à Broadway

de Frank Capra

Film Bessie à Broadway

Le chien des Baskerville

de Sidney Lanfield

Film Le chien des Baskerville

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