Markku Peltola

Acteur né le 12 juillet 1956 (décédé à 51 ans)


Markku Peltola was a Finnish actor and musician. He was born in Helsinki and grew up there. He was actively involved in founding and acting with the Telakka Theater in Tampere.
Peltola is best known for starring opposite Kati Outinen in Aki Kaurismäki's Academy Award nominated film from 2002 The Man Without a Past. Other films that Peltola has been in include V2 – jäätynyt enkeli, Young Gods, Drifting Clouds, Jade Warrior and Perhoshäkki.
Since the 1980s, Peltola was the singer and bass guitarist of the Finnish band Motelli Skronkle. He also released two solo albums: Buster Keatonin ratsutilalla, released by Ektro Records in 2003 and Buster Keaton tarkistaa idän ja lännen at the beginning of 2006.
Peltola died in the early hours of 31 December 2007 at his home in Kangasala, Finland.


Kalervo Palsa ja kuriton käsi

de Pekka Lehto

Film Kalervo Palsa ja kuriton käsi

Skeleton Crew

de Tommi Lepola

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Le guerrier de Jade

de Antti-Jussi Annila

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Kamome Diner

de Naoko Ogigami

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Vares – Yksityisetsivä

de Aleksi Mäkelä

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L'Homme sans passé

de Aki Kaurismäki

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Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

de Chen Kaige

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de Aki Kaurismäki

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Au loin s'en vont les nuages

de Aki Kaurismäki

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