Leslie Brooks

Actrice née le 13 juillet 1922 (décédée à 89 ans)


Leslie Brooks, born Virginia Leslie Gettman, was an American film actress.
At the beginning of her career she appeared as "Lorraine Gettman". As Leslie Brooks, she began appearing in movie bit roles in 1941. Brooks started landing more sizable parts in such movies as Nine Girls, Cover Girl and the lead in the film noir classic Blonde Ice. Brooks retired from films in 1949, but made one more film in 1971.


Blonde Ice

de Jack Bernhard

Film Blonde Ice

Romance on the High Seas

de Michael Curtiz

Film Romance on the High Seas

Triomphe creux

de Steve Sekely

Film Triomphe creux

The Corpse Came C.O.D.

de Henry Levin

Film The Corpse Came C.O.D.

Cigarette Girl

de Gunther von Fritsch

Film Cigarette Girl

Secret of the Whistler

de George Sherman

Film Secret of the Whistler

The Man Who Dared

de John Sturges

Film The Man Who Dared

I Love a Bandleader

de Del Lord

Film I Love a Bandleader

Cette nuit et toujours

de Victor Saville

Film Cette nuit et toujours

La Reine de Broadway

de Charles Vidor

Film La Reine de Broadway

Two Señoritas from Chicago

de Frank Woodruff

Film Two Señoritas from Chicago

City Without Men

de Sidney Salkow

Film City Without Men

Underground Agent

de Michael Gordon

Film Underground Agent

Lucky Legs

de Charles Barton

Film Lucky Legs

Overland to Deadwood

de William Berke

Film Overland to Deadwood

Ô toi ma charmante

de William A. Seiter

Film Ô toi ma charmante

Navy Blues

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Navy Blues