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Khigh Alx Dhiegh was an American television and motion picture actor of mixed North African ancestry, noted for portraying Asian roles. He is perhaps best remembered for portraying villains, in particular his recurring TV guest role as Chinese agent Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O, and brainwasher Dr. Yen Lo in 1962's The Manchurian Candidate. He also starred in the short-lived 1975 TV series Khan! as the title character. In 1988 he was featured as Four Finger Wu in James Clavell's Noble House television mini-series. He also guest starred in Jake And The Fatman episode Wish You Were Here.
In 1965, Dhiegh, recorded and released an album on Folkways Records, entitled St. John of the Cross: Volume II, a collection of poems of St. John.
Besides his acting endeavors, Dhiegh was active in Taoist philosophy, writing a number of books on the subject, including The Eleventh Wing. He founded the Taoist Sanctuary in Hollywood, California. Dhiegh also had a doctorate in theology and in his later years was the rector for a Taoist sanctuary in Tempe, Arizona called 'Inner Truth Looking Place.' He held weekly services and sponsored many 'Tea Ceremonies' in the Phoenix metro area. One of his last interviews was on One World in 1990, where he presented the concept of World Citizenry and its benefit to mankind.


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