Kei Sato

Acteur né le 21 décembre 1928 (décédé à 81 ans)


Kei Sato was a Japanese character actor and narrator. He was born in Aizu. He is known for his work with Japanese New Wave director Nagisa Oshima, and for several films with Kaneto Shindo, such as Onibaba and Kuroneko. He won the best actor award from Kinema Junpo for the films The Ceremony and Nihon no akuryō. He also worked as a narrator for many documentaries, both on television and film.
In his early days as an actor, before his success in The Human Condition, he supported himself by producing gariban hand-written mimeographs, and he maintained his interest in hand-printing to the end of his life.
In 1981 he appeared performing unsimulated sex with actress Kyoko Aizome in the film Daydream.


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