Kane Kosugi

Acteur de 46 ans (11 octobre 1974)


Kane Kosugi born Kane Takeshi Kosugi in Los Angeles, California is an American martial artist and martial arts actor. He is the son of martial arts film star Sho Kosugi. In Japan, Kosugi is considered gaijin tarento due to his Nisei heritage.
Since 1983, Kosugi has appeared in various roles as a voice actor for video games, stunt actor in movies, and character actor in both English-language and Japanese-language films. His first movie, Revenge of the Ninja, had him playing the son of his real life father, Sho Kosugi. He even kept his real name in the movie. He has also been in other movies starring his father as well. With the intention of following in his father's footsteps, Kane trained to become a martial arts actor. Kane has an extensive martial arts background in wushu, ninjutsu, taekwondo, karate, judo and kendo.
He made his Japanese acting debut in the 1993 television series Ryūkyū no Kaze, the 31st entry in NHK's long-running taiga drama series. Kane followed this up with his first lead role in the two-part Toei V-Cinema movies Za Kakuto Oh and Za Kakuto Oh 2 directed by his father. Next came the 1994 television series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, an installment in Toei Company's Super Sentai franchise. Kane was the only American-born cast member of Kakuranger and his character spoke almost exclusively in English during his first few episodes.


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