Kanako Higuchi

Actrice de 62 ans (13 décembre 1958)


Kanako Higuchi is a Japanese actress. Her credits include film, television, and radio dramas, stage, commercials, and voice roles. She married Shigesato Itoi in 1993 and has a dog named Bouillon.
Born in Kamo, Niigata, she played her first lead at age 20 in the television drama Kōrogi-bashi.
Kanako's film credits include Hokusai Manga, Bedtime Eyes, Zatoichi, Casshern, Memories of Tomorrow, and Ashura no Jō Blood Gets In Your Eyes. Among her television roles are Lady Yodo in the 1987 NHK Taiga drama Dokuganryū Masamune and Hanayasha in the 1991 Taiga drama Taiheiki. She has represented the cosmetics firms Kosé and Kao.
She won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the 15th Hochi Film Awards for Rōningai.


DOOR TO DOOR ~僕は脳性まひのトップセールスマン~...

de Ken Yoshida

Film DOOR TO DOOR ~僕は脳性まひのトップセールスマン~

Achille et la Tortue

de Takeshi Kitano

Film Achille et la Tortue

Les mémoires de demain.

de Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Film Les mémoires de demain.


de Kazuaki Kiriya

Film Casshern


de Yojiro Takita

Film Ashura


de Takeshi Kitano

Film Zatôichi

The Oil-Hell Murder

de Hideo Gosha

Film The Oil-Hell Murder


de Hideo Gosha

Film Kagero


de Kazuo Kuroki

Film Rônin-gai

La Légende de Zatoïchi : Vol. 26 - ...

de Shintarô Katsu

Film La Légende de Zatoïchi : Vol. 26 - L'odyssée finale


de Hiroto Yokoyama

Film Manji

Edo Porn

de Kaneto Shindō

Film Edo Porn

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