John McGuire

Acteur né le 22 octobre 1910 (décédé à 69 ans)


John McGuire was a film actor during the period from the 1930s to the 1950s. In many of his early films he was a leading man, however later in his career he was forced to play bit parts. McGuire appeared in Steamboat Round the Bend; The Prisoner of Shark Island; Stranger on the Third Floor, sometimes thought Hollywood's first film noir; The Invisible Ghost; Sands of Iwo Jima; and Where the Sidewalk Ends.


The Sea Hornet

de Joseph Kane

Film The Sea Hornet

The First Legion

de Douglas Sirk

Film The First Legion

Rock Island Trail

de Joseph Kane

Film Rock Island Trail

Sky Liner

de William Berke

Film Sky Liner

The Strawberry Roan

de John English

Film The Strawberry Roan

The Navy Comes Through

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film The Navy Comes Through

Highways by Night

de Peter Godfrey

Film Highways by Night

Sea Raiders

de Ford Beebe

Film Sea Raiders

Le Fantôme invisible

de Joseph H. Lewis

Film Le Fantôme invisible

Street of Memories

de Shepard Traube

Film Street of Memories

L'Inconnu du 3ème étage

de Boris Ingster

Film L'Inconnu du 3ème étage

Femmes sans nom

de Robert Florey

Film Femmes sans nom

Fugitives for a Night

de Leslie Goodwins

Film Fugitives for a Night

Wanted: Jane Turner

de Edward Killy

Film Wanted: Jane Turner

Charlie Chan au cirque

de Harry Lachman

Film Charlie Chan au cirque

Je n'ai pas tué Lincoln

de John Ford

Film Je n'ai pas tué Lincoln

Steamboat Round the Bend

de John Ford

Film Steamboat Round the Bend