John Lupton

Acteur né le 23 août 1928 (décédé à 65 ans)


John Rollin Lupton was an American film and television actor.
Upon graduation from New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Lupton secured immediate stage work. Then he was signed as a contract player at MGM in Hollywood. Lupton was lanky and handsome like James Stewart or Henry Fonda but never achieved similar fame.
In the 1954-1955 television season, Lupton appeared in several episodes as a college student in the CBS sitcom, The Halls of Ivy. In 1956, he was cast in the ABC western series, Broken Arrow, which ran for two seasons. His co-star was Michael Ansara, who played the Apache Chief Cochise. The "broken arrow" is the symbol of peace between the white man and the Indians.
In the episode "Client Peter Warren" of the ABC western series Black Saddle, starring Peter Breck as gunfighter-turned-lawyer Clay Culhane, Lupton portrays Peter Warren, a man accused by townspeople of starting a fire that caused the death of his estranged wife's wealthy and respected aunt. The motive is inheritance of joint property from the aunt's pending estate. Culhane agrees to defend Warren but instead finds evidence that Warren had been present at the scene of the fire. Ed Nelson portrays Lee Coogan, a former suitor of Mrs. Mary Warren, who is also determined to show Warren's guilt.


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