Jiang Wu

Acteur de 50 ans (04 novembre 1969)


Jiang Wu is a Chinese actor. He starred in Zhang Yimou's To Live, and Zhang Yang's Shower. He is the younger brother to Jiang Wen and is or was a member of the Beijing Experimental Theater Troupe.


Chasseur de monstres

de Raman Hui

Film Chasseur de monstres

The Mysterious Family

de Park Yu-hwan

Film The Mysterious Family

The Queens

de Annie Shizuka Inoh

Film The Queens

Let's Get Married

de Liu Jiang

Film Let's Get Married

Love On The Cloud

de Gu Chang-Wei

Film Love On The Cloud

Temporary Family

de Cheuk Wan Chi

Film Temporary Family

A Touch of Sin

de Jia Zhangke

Film A Touch of Sin

The Floating Shadow

de Dongshuo Jia

Film The Floating Shadow

Lee's Adventure

de Frant Gwo

Film Lee's Adventure

Le Sorcier et le Serpent blanc

de Ching Siu-tung

Film Le Sorcier et le Serpent blanc

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

de Wayne Wang

Film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

1911 - Révolution

de Jackie Chan

Film 1911 - Révolution

Wu xia

de Peter Chan

Film Wu xia

Beginning of the Great Revival

de Han Sanping

Film Beginning of the Great Revival

Que les balles volent

de Jiang Wen

Film Que les balles volent

All the Way

de Shi Runjiu

Film All the Way


de Zhang Yang

Film Shower

A Beautiful New World

de Shi Runjiu

Film A Beautiful New World

Vivre !

de Zhang Yi-Mou

Film Vivre !