Jed Prouty

Acteur né le 06 avril 1879 (décédé à 77 ans)


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Guilty Bystander

de Joseph Lerner

Film Guilty Bystander

Mug Town

de Ray Taylor

Film Mug Town

It Happened in Flatbush

de Ray McCarey

Film It Happened in Flatbush

Go West, Young Lady

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Go West, Young Lady

Unexpected Uncle

de Peter Godfrey

Film Unexpected Uncle

Father Steps Out

de Jean Yarbrough

Film Father Steps Out

Roar of the Press

de Phil Rosen

Film Roar of the Press

L'or du ciel

de George Marshall

Film L'or du ciel

Remedy for Riches

de Erle C. Kenton

Film Remedy for Riches

Le Lone Wolf garde une date

de Sidney Salkow

Film Le Lone Wolf garde une date

Barnyard Follies

de Frank McDonald

Film Barnyard Follies

Young as You Feel

de Malcolm St. Clair

Film Young as You Feel

Too Busy to Work

de Otto Brower

Film Too Busy to Work

Hollywood Cavalcade

de Irving Cummings

Film Hollywood Cavalcade

Exile Express

de Otis Garrett

Film Exile Express

Everybody's Baby

de Malcolm St. Clair

Film Everybody's Baby

Keep Smiling

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Keep Smiling

Danger on the Air

de Otis Garrett

Film Danger on the Air

A Trip to Paris

de Malcolm St. Clair

Film A Trip to Paris

Love on a Budget

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Love on a Budget

One Hundred Men and a Girl

de Henry Koster

Film One Hundred Men and a Girl

You Can't Have Everything

de Norman Taurog

Film You Can't Have Everything

Big Business

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Big Business

The Crime Nobody Saw

de Charles Barton

Film The Crime Nobody Saw

College Holiday

de Frank Tuttle

Film College Holiday

The Texas Rangers

de King Vidor

Film The Texas Rangers

His Brother's Wife

de W.S. Van Dyke

Film His Brother's Wife

Little Miss Nobody

de John G. Blystone

Film Little Miss Nobody

Educating Father

de James Tinling

Film Educating Father

Special Investigator

de Louis King

Film Special Investigator

Black Sheep

de Allan Dwan

Film Black Sheep

Music in the Air

de Joe May

Film Music in the Air

His Greatest Gamble

de John S. Robertson

Film His Greatest Gamble

Murder On The Blackboard

de George Archainbaud

Film Murder On The Blackboard

She Had to Say Yes

de George Amy

Film She Had to Say Yes

Manhattan Tower

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Manhattan Tower

Hold 'Em Jail

de Norman Taurog

Film Hold 'Em Jail

The Age for Love

de Frank Lloyd

Film The Age for Love

Strangers May Kiss

de George Fitzmaurice

Film Strangers May Kiss

The Florodora Girl

de Harry Beaumont

Film The Florodora Girl

True to the Navy

de Frank Tuttle

Film True to the Navy

The Devil's Holiday

de Edmund Goulding

Film The Devil's Holiday

It's a Great Life

de Sam Wood

Film It's a Great Life

The Girl in the Show

de Edgar Selwyn

Film The Girl in the Show

Two Weeks Off

de William Beaudine

Film Two Weeks Off

His Captive Woman

de George Fitzmaurice

Film His Captive Woman

Ella Cinders

de Alfred E. Green

Film Ella Cinders

Scarlet Saint

de George Archainbaud

Film Scarlet Saint

Souls for Sale

de Rupert Hughes

Film Souls for Sale