James Marshall

Acteur et réalisateur de 52 ans (02 janvier 1967)


James David Greenblatt is an American actor, known for playing the character James Hurley in the cult television series Twin Peaks and its 1992 prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and for his role as PFC Louden Downey in A Few Good Men.
His father was a Radio City Music Hall publicist, and his mother danced with The Rockettes. The family moved from New Jersey to California in the 1980s.
He has appeared in numerous films, among them Cadence, Gladiator, Hits!, Vibrations, All She Ever Wanted, Criminal Affairs, Soccer Dog: The Movie, Luck of the Draw, Down and Alien Lockdown. He also provided the voice for Kurt in the video game Unlimited Saga.
Marshall is married to actress Renee Griffin, with whom he has two sons.
In summer 2010 Marshall sued the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-LaRoche for $11 million in damages for injuries which, he claimed, resulted from his taking the drug Accutane. He claimed he had suffered Accutane-related gastrointestinal distress so severe that it necessitated a four-month hospital stay, and the surgical removal of his colon. He asserted that these injuries had derailed his acting career. Stars Martin Sheen, Brian Dennehy, Esai Morales and Rob Reiner were to testify on his behalf. Roche had removed Accutane from the market in 2009 due to a spate of similar claims.



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