James Bell



James Harlee Bell was an American film and stage actor.
Bell was born in Suffolk, Virginia, and attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute. In 1920, he made his theatrical debut as Venustiano in The Bad Man. He worked steadily on Broadway through 1941. His first film role was in I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang in 1932. He appeared in about 150 films and television shows through 1964. His films include:
⁕Infernal Machine
⁕Day of Reckoning
⁕The Leopard Man
⁕Gangway for Tomorrow
⁕Blood on the Sun
⁕Thunderhead, Son of Flicka
⁕Sealed Verdict
⁕Streets of Laredo
⁕Japanese War Bride
⁕Texas Lady
⁕A Lawless Street
⁕Tribute to a Bad Man
⁕Posse from Hell
⁕Twilight of Honor


The Man Upstairs

de George Schaefer

Film The Man Upstairs

Claudelle Inglish

de Gordon Douglas

Film Claudelle Inglish


de Jack Webb

Film -30-

La piste de l'Oregon

de Gene Fowler Jr.

Film La piste de l'Oregon

Dans la souricière

de Norman Panama

Film Dans la souricière

Johnny Trouble

de John H. Auer

Film Johnny Trouble

Back from the Dead

de Charles Marquis Warren

Film Back from the Dead

Lay That Rifle Down

de Charles Lamont

Film Lay That Rifle Down


de John Barnwell

Film Huk!

24 heures de terreur

de Harmon Jones

Film 24 heures de terreur

La Loi de la prairie

de Robert Wise

Film La Loi de la prairie

Texas Lady

de Tim Whelan

Film Texas Lady

Ville sans loi

de Joseph H. Lewis

Film Ville sans loi

Teen-Age Crime Wave

de Fred F. Sears

Film Teen-Age Crime Wave


de Delbert Mann

Film Marty

Black Tuesday

de Hugo Fregonese

Film Black Tuesday

About Mrs. Leslie

de Daniel Mann

Film About Mrs. Leslie

Le cavalier traqué

de André De Toth

Film Le cavalier traqué

Chasse au gang

de André De Toth

Film Chasse au gang

Romance inachevée

de Anthony Mann

Film Romance inachevée

Devil's Canyon

de Alfred L. Werker

Film Devil's Canyon

The Last Posse

de Alfred L. Werker

Film The Last Posse

Ride the Man Down

de Joseph Kane

Film Ride the Man Down

Japanese War Bride

de King Vidor

Film Japanese War Bride

Arizona Manhunt

de Fred C. Brannon

Film Arizona Manhunt

The Dakota Kid

de Philip Ford

Film The Dakota Kid

Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas

de Philip Ford

Film Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas

The Company She Keeps

de John Cromwell

Film The Company She Keeps

Les Diables de Guadalcanal

de Nicholas Ray

Film Les Diables de Guadalcanal

Dial 1119

de Gerald Mayer

Film Dial 1119

Rues de Laredo

de Leslie Fenton

Film Rues de Laredo

Black Eagle

de Robert Gordon

Film Black Eagle

I, Jane Doe

de John H. Auer

Film I, Jane Doe


de Allan Dwan

Film Driftwood

The Millerson Case

de George Archainbaud

Film The Millerson Case

En marge de l'enquête

de John Cromwell

Film En marge de l'enquête

The Unknown

de Henry Levin

Film The Unknown

Deux mains, la nuit

de Robert Siodmak

Film Deux mains, la nuit

Du sang dans le soleil

de Frank Lloyd

Film Du sang dans le soleil

Le Fils de Flicka - Thunderhead

de Louis King

Film Le Fils de Flicka - Thunderhead

Gangway for Tomorrow

de John H. Auer

Film Gangway for Tomorrow

Mon Amie Flicka

de Harold D. Schuster

Film Mon Amie Flicka

L'amour chante et danse

de Mark Sandrich

Film L'amour chante et danse

Storm at Daybreak

de Richard Boleslawski

Film Storm at Daybreak

Private Detective 62

de Michael Curtiz

Film Private Detective 62

Infernal Machine

de Marcel Varnel

Film Infernal Machine

Jicop le proscrit

de Henry Levin

Film Jicop le proscrit