Howard Marion-Crawford

Acteur né le 17 janvier 1914 (décédé à 55 ans)


Howard Marion-Crawford, the grandson of writer F. Marion Crawford, was an English character actor, best known for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in the 1954 television adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. In 1948, Marion-Crawford had played Holmes in a radio adaptation of "The Adventure of the Speckled Band", making him one of the few actors to portray both Holmes and Watson.
Howard Marion-Crawford is also known for his portrayal of Dr. Petrie in a series of low budget Fu Manchu films in the late 1960s, and was a regular broadcaster in BBC Radio Drama. Among his film appearances are the character of Cranford in The Man in the White Suit and a British medical officer in Lawrence of Arabia. One of his last roles was as another military officer, Sir George Brown, in Tony Richardson's The Charge of the Light Brigade.
He often played "blusterers", "old duffers" and upper class military types, appearing as guest performer in television programmes like The Avengers, and three roles opposite Patrick McGoohan in the TV series Danger Man: the 1964 episodes "No Marks for Servility" and "Yesterday's Enemies" and the 1965 episode "English Lady Takes Lodgers".


le Château de Fu Manchu

de Jesús Franco

Film le Château de Fu Manchu

Le Sang de Fu Manchu

de Jesús Franco

Film Le Sang de Fu Manchu

La Charge de la brigade légère

de Tony Richardson

Film La Charge de la brigade légère

Le Masque de Fu-Manchu

de Don Sharp

Film Le Masque de Fu-Manchu


de Philip Leacock

Film Tamahine

Lawrence d'Arabie

de David Lean

Film Lawrence d'Arabie

Foxhole in Cairo

de John Llewellyn Moxey

Film Foxhole in Cairo

île Vierge

de Pat Jackson

Film île Vierge

Life in Danger

de Terry Bishop

Film Life in Danger

Next to No Time

de Henry Cornelius

Film Next to No Time

L'Inspecteur de Service

de John Ford

Film L'Inspecteur de Service

The Birthday Present

de Pat Jackson

Film The Birthday Present

Five Days

de Montgomery Tully

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L'Homme au complet blanc

de Alexander Mackendrick

Film L'Homme au complet blanc

Mister Drake's Duck

de Val Guest

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The Hasty Heart

de Vincent Sherman

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Man on the Run

de Lawrence Huntington

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Freedom Radio

de Anthony Asquith

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L'Espion noir

de Michael Powell

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Me and Marlborough

de Victor Saville

Film Me and Marlborough

Brown on Resolution

de Walter Forde

Film Brown on Resolution

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