Henry Oscar

Acteur né le 14 juillet 1891 (décédé à 78 ans)


Henry Oscar was an English stage and film actor.
Born as Henry Wale, he changed his name and began acting in 1911 and appeared in a wide range of films, including Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much, Fire Over England, The Four Feathers, Hatter's Castle, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Beau Brummell, The Little Hut, Beyond This Place, Oscar Wilde, Lawrence of Arabia, The Long Ships and Murder Ahoy!.


La cité sous la mer

de Jacques Tourneur

Film La cité sous la mer

Les Drakkars

de Jack Cardiff

Film Les Drakkars

Passage à tabac

de George Pollock

Film Passage à tabac

Lawrence d'Arabie

de David Lean

Film Lawrence d'Arabie

Foxhole in Cairo

de John Llewellyn Moxey

Film Foxhole in Cairo

The Spaniard's Curse

de Ralph Kemplen

Film The Spaniard's Curse

La petite hutte

de Mark Robson

Film La petite hutte

Portrait of Alison

de Guy Green

Film Portrait of Alison

Diplomatic Passport

de Gene Martel

Film Diplomatic Passport

La rose noire

de Henry Hathaway

Film La rose noire

Prelude to Fame

de Fergus McDonell

Film Prelude to Fame

Bonnie Prince Charlie

de Anthony Kimmins

Film Bonnie Prince Charlie

House of Darkness

de Oswald Mitchell

Film House of Darkness

The Upturned Glass

de Lawrence Huntington

Film The Upturned Glass

Squadron Leader X

de Lance Comfort

Film Squadron Leader X

Hatter's Castle

de Lance Comfort

Film Hatter's Castle

Sons of the Sea

de Walter Forde

Film Sons of the Sea

The Flying Squad

de Herbert Brenon

Film The Flying Squad

On the Night of the Fire

de Brian Desmond Hurst

Film On the Night of the Fire

The Saint In London

de John Paddy Carstairs

Film The Saint In London

Les Quatre Plumes blanches

de Zoltan Korda

Film Les Quatre Plumes blanches

Luck of the Navy

de Norman Lee

Film Luck of the Navy

Black Limelight

de Paul L. Stein

Film Black Limelight


de Brian Desmond Hurst

Film Sensation

No Exit

de Norman Lee

Film No Exit

Seven Sinners

de Albert de Courville

Film Seven Sinners

The Tunnel

de Maurice Elvey

Film The Tunnel

Me and Marlborough

de Victor Saville

Film Me and Marlborough

The Case of Gabriel Perry

de Albert de Courville

Film The Case of Gabriel Perry

L'Homme qui en savait trop

de Alfred Hitchcock

Film L'Homme qui en savait trop

L'invincible armada

de William K. Howard

Film L'invincible armada