Henry Brandon

Acteur né le 08 juin 1912 (décédé à 78 ans)


Henry Brandon was an American character actor in more than one hundred films, known for having portrayed Indian, Arab, Persian, Turkish, Native American, and East Asian roles, usually villains.
Born Heinrich von Kleinbach in Berlin, Germany, his parents emigrated to the United States while he was still an infant. A stage actor, he performed on Broadway and continued to act on stage periodically throughout his acting career. He made his motion picture debut in 1932. His most famous acting roles were as "Chief Cicatrice" in John Ford's The Searchers in 1956 and "Chief Quanah Parker" in Ford's Two Rode Together in 1961.
In 1955, Brandon portrayed Nate Champion, the first casualty of the Johnson County War of Wyoming, in an episode of Jim Davis' syndicated western television series Stories of the Century. A second episode of that series dealing with the Johnson County War focuses on Ella Watson or "Cattle Kate" and her companion, Jim Averill, who were lynched by vigilantes.
In 1940 Brandon appeared in the title role of the famous Republic serial Drums of Fu Manchu. He also played a French army captain in Robert Aldrich's Vera Cruz and "Officer Chaney" in John Carpenter's 1976 film Assault on Precinct 13. Many people will remember him for his role as "Silas Barnaby", the evil character in the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy 1934 classic Babes in Toyland later retitled March of the Wooden Soldiers. He was also the nasty opera manager who signed Alfalfa to an unbreakable contract singing "The Barber of Seville" in the Little Rascals/Our Gang short Our Gang Follies of 1938. In 1959, he played the role of Gator Joe in "Woman in the River" of the ABC/Warner Brothers crime drama, Bourbon Street Beat. He portrayed the foreign spy Derek in a 1965 two-part episode of CBS's Mister Ed. In the 1960s ABC series The Outer Limits, Brandon played General Crawford in the episode "The Chameleon" starring Robert Duvall.


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de Alan Johnson

Film To Be or Not to Be

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de David Worth

Film Hard Knocks

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de Robert C. Thompson

Film Bud and Lou

The Manhandlers

de Lee Madden

Film The Manhandlers

Les Deux cavaliers

de John Ford

Film Les Deux cavaliers

The Big Fisherman

de Frank Borzage

Film The Big Fisherman

Ma tante

de Morton DaCosta

Film Ma tante

L'Oasis des tempêtes

de Virgil W. Vogel

Film L'Oasis des tempêtes

Hell's Crossroads

de Franklin Adreon

Film Hell's Crossroads

La Prisonnière du Désert

de John Ford

Film La Prisonnière du Désert


de George Sherman

Film Comanche

Manhunt in Space

de Hollingsworth Morse

Film Manhunt in Space

Vera Cruz

de Robert Aldrich

Film Vera Cruz

Casanova's Big Night

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film Casanova's Big Night

À l'assaut du Fort Clark

de George Sherman

Film À l'assaut du Fort Clark

Tarzan et la diablesse

de Kurt Neumann

Film Tarzan et la diablesse

Raiders of the Seven Seas

de Sidney Salkow

Film Raiders of the Seven Seas

Le triomphe de Buffalo Bill

de Jerry Hopper

Film Le triomphe de Buffalo Bill

Hurricane Smith

de Jerry Hopper

Film Hurricane Smith

Wagons West

de Ford Beebe

Film Wagons West

Scarlet Angel

de Sidney Salkow

Film Scarlet Angel

Harem Girl

de Edward Bernds

Film Harem Girl

Flame of Araby

de Charles Lamont

Film Flame of Araby

The Golden Horde

de George Sherman

Film The Golden Horde

L'enfant Du Désert

de Kurt Neumann

Film L'enfant Du Désert

Hill Number One: A Story of Faith a...

de Arthur Pierson

Film Hill Number One: A Story of Faith and Inspiration

The Fighting O'Flynn

de Arthur Pierson

Film The Fighting O'Flynn

Tarzan et la fontaine magique

de Lee Sholem

Film Tarzan et la fontaine magique

Le Réveil de la sorcière rouge

de Edward Ludwig

Film Le Réveil de la sorcière rouge

Canon City

de Crane Wilbur

Film Canon City

Old Los Angeles

de Joseph Kane

Film Old Los Angeles

Drums of Fu Manchu

de John English

Film Drums of Fu Manchu

Bad Man of Deadwood

de Joseph Kane

Film Bad Man of Deadwood

Hurricane Smith

de Bernard Vorhaus

Film Hurricane Smith

Le Retour du proscrit

de Henry Hathaway

Film Le Retour du proscrit


de Vincent Sherman

Film Underground

The Son of Monte Cristo

de Rowland V. Lee

Film The Son of Monte Cristo

Condamné à Mort

de William Nigh

Film Condamné à Mort


de Edwin L. Marin

Film Florian

Ski Patrol

de Lew Landers

Film Ski Patrol

Un demi-Sinner

de Al Christie

Film Un demi-Sinner

Drums of Fu Manchu

de John English

Film Drums of Fu Manchu

The Marshal Of Mesa City

de David Howard

Film The Marshal Of Mesa City

Nurse Edith Cavell

de Herbert Wilcox

Film Nurse Edith Cavell

Buck Rogers

de Ford Beebe

Film Buck Rogers

If I Were King

de Frank Lloyd

Film If I Were King

I Met My Love Again

de Joshua Logan

Film I Met My Love Again

Wells Fargo

de Frank Lloyd

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Secret Agent X-9

de Ford Beebe

Film Secret Agent X-9

Jungle Jim

de Ford Beebe

Film Jungle Jim

Le jardin d'Allah

de Richard Boleslawski

Film Le jardin d'Allah

Empreintes digitales

de Raoul Walsh

Film Empreintes digitales

The Preview Murder Mystery

de Robert Florey

Film The Preview Murder Mystery

Un jour une bergère

de Gus Meins

Film Un jour une bergère

Bandido Caballero

de Richard Fleischer

Film Bandido Caballero


de Lew Landers

Film Conspiracy

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