Harry Woods

Acteur né le 05 mai 1889 (décédé à 79 ans)


Harry Woods was an American film actor, born in Cleveland, Ohio. He appeared in nearly 250 films between 1923 and 1958. During his 35-year film career he acquired a reputation as a screen villain par excellence; his imposing size, powerful build, piercing eyes and snarling voice typed him as a bad guy to be reckoned with. He seldom played ordinary henchmen, usually cast as both the brains and the brawn behind the local villainy. Well respected by his peers--another prime screen villain, Roy Barcroft, once said of him, "Everything I know about being a bad guy I learned from Harry Woods"--he enjoyed a long career in films before retiring in 1958, and he died in Los Angeles ten years later from uremia.


New Orleans After Dark

de John Sledge

Film New Orleans After Dark

Law of the Badlands

de Lesley Selander

Film Law of the Badlands

La Fille du désert

de Raoul Walsh

Film La Fille du désert


de R.G. Springsteen

Film Hellfire

Indian Agent

de Lesley Selander

Film Indian Agent

The Gallant Legion

de Joseph Kane

Film The Gallant Legion

Western Heritage

de Wallace Grissell

Film Western Heritage

En route vers Rio

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film En route vers Rio

Wild Horse Mesa

de Wallace Grissell

Film Wild Horse Mesa


de Joseph Kane

Film Wyoming

Thunder Mountain

de Lew Landers

Film Thunder Mountain

Sunset Pass

de William Berke

Film Sunset Pass

South of Monterey

de William Nigh

Film South of Monterey

A l'ouest du Pecos

de Edward Killy

Film A l'ouest du Pecos

Flame of the West

de Lambert Hillyer

Film Flame of the West

Wanderer of the Wasteland

de Wallace Grissell

Film Wanderer of the Wasteland


de Edward Killy

Film Nevada

Marshal of Gunsmoke

de Vernon Keays

Film Marshal of Gunsmoke

L'Amazone aux yeux verts

de Edwin L. Marin

Film L'Amazone aux yeux verts

Beyond the Last Frontier

de Howard Bretherton

Film Beyond the Last Frontier

Cheyenne Roundup

de Ray Taylor

Film Cheyenne Roundup

Dawn on the Great Divide

de Howard Bretherton

Film Dawn on the Great Divide

West of the Law

de Howard Bretherton

Film West of the Law

Deep in the Heart of Texas

de Elmer Clifton

Film Deep in the Heart of Texas

Jackass Mail

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film Jackass Mail

Romance on the Range

de Joseph Kane

Film Romance on the Range

Wild Bill Hickok Rides

de Ray Enright

Film Wild Bill Hickok Rides

Today I Hang

de Oliver Drake

Film Today I Hang

Sheriff of Tombstone

de Joseph Kane

Film Sheriff of Tombstone

The Lady from Cheyenne

de Frank Lloyd

Film The Lady from Cheyenne

Triple Justice

de David Howard

Film Triple Justice

South of Pago Pago

de Alfred E. Green

Film South of Pago Pago

Winners of the West

de Ford Beebe

Film Winners of the West

L'Escadron noir

de Raoul Walsh

Film L'Escadron noir

Bullet Code

de David Howard

Film Bullet Code

Isle Of Destiny

de Elmer Clifton

Film Isle Of Destiny

Boss of Bullion City

de Ray Taylor

Film Boss of Bullion City

La Chambre des sept pignons

de Joe May

Film La Chambre des sept pignons

Les Hommes de la mer

de John Ford

Film Les Hommes de la mer

Days of Jesse James

de Joseph Kane

Film Days of Jesse James

Frontier Marshal

de Allan Dwan

Film Frontier Marshal

The Man in the Iron Mask

de James Whale

Film The Man in the Iron Mask

Mr. Moto in Danger Island

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Mr. Moto in Danger Island

Men with Wings

de William A. Wellman

Film Men with Wings

Panamint's Bad Man

de Ray Taylor

Film Panamint's Bad Man

Wells Fargo

de Frank Lloyd

Film Wells Fargo

Border Cafe

de Lew Landers

Film Border Cafe

The Phantom Rider

de Ray Taylor

Film The Phantom Rider

Ticket to Paradise

de Aubrey Scotto

Film Ticket to Paradise

Silly Billies

de Fred Guiol

Film Silly Billies

Robin Hood of El Dorado

de William A. Wellman

Film Robin Hood of El Dorado

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty

de Ford Beebe

Film The Adventures of Rex and Rinty

Let 'em Have It

de Sam Wood

Film Let 'em Have It

When a Man's a Man

de Edward F. Cline

Film When a Man's a Man

The President Vanishes

de William A. Wellman

Film The President Vanishes

The St. Louis Kid

de Ray Enright

Film The St. Louis Kid

The Circus Clown

de Ray Enright

Film The Circus Clown

Law and order

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Law and order

Texas Gun Fighter

de Phil Rosen

Film Texas Gun Fighter

The Range Feud

de D. Ross Lederman

Film The Range Feud

Palmy Days

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film Palmy Days

Monnaie de singe

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film Monnaie de singe

The Viking

de Roy William Neill

Film The Viking

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