Grant Withers

Acteur né le 17 janvier 1904 (décédé à 55 ans)


Grant Withers was an American film actor. With early beginnings in the silent era, Withers moved into talkies establishing himself with a list of headlined features as a young and handsome male lead. As his career progressed, his importance diminished, but he did manage a 10-year contract at Republic Pictures.
His friendships with both John Ford and John Wayne secured him a spot in nine of Wayne's films, but later roles dwindled to supporting parts, mainly as villains in B-movies, serials, and finally television.


I, Mobster

de Roger Corman

Film I, Mobster

Last Stagecoach West

de Joseph Kane

Film Last Stagecoach West

Hell's Crossroads

de Franklin Adreon

Film Hell's Crossroads

The White Squaw

de Ray Nazarro

Film The White Squaw

Tropic Zone

de Lewis R. Foster

Film Tropic Zone

Tropical Heat Wave

de R.G. Springsteen

Film Tropical Heat Wave

Hoodlum Empire

de Joseph Kane

Film Hoodlum Empire

Oklahoma Annie

de R.G. Springsteen

Film Oklahoma Annie

The Sea Hornet

de Joseph Kane

Film The Sea Hornet

Utah Wagon Train

de Philip Ford

Film Utah Wagon Train

Rio Grande

de John Ford

Film Rio Grande

Million Dollar Pursuit

de R.G. Springsteen

Film Million Dollar Pursuit

Spoilers of the Plains

de William Witney

Film Spoilers of the Plains

Belle Le Grand

de Allan Dwan

Film Belle Le Grand

Trigger, Jr.

de William Witney

Film Trigger, Jr.

The Savage Horde

de Joseph Kane

Film The Savage Horde

Rock Island Trail

de Joseph Kane

Film Rock Island Trail

Bells of Coronado

de William Witney

Film Bells of Coronado

Le Bagarreur du Kentucky

de George Waggner

Film Le Bagarreur du Kentucky


de R.G. Springsteen

Film Hellfire

Le Réveil de la sorcière rouge

de Edward Ludwig

Film Le Réveil de la sorcière rouge

Homicide for Three

de George Blair

Film Homicide for Three

The Plunderers

de Joseph Kane

Film The Plunderers

Sons of Adventure

de Yakima Canutt

Film Sons of Adventure

The Gallant Legion

de Joseph Kane

Film The Gallant Legion

Old Los Angeles

de Joseph Kane

Film Old Los Angeles


de Richard Wallace

Film Taïkoun

The Ghost Goes Wild

de George Blair

Film The Ghost Goes Wild


de Joseph Kane

Film Wyoming


de Lesley Selander

Film Blackmail

La Vallée maudite

de George Waggner

Film La Vallée maudite

The Trespasser

de George Blair

Film The Trespasser

Affairs of Geraldine

de George Blair

Film Affairs of Geraldine

In Old Sacramento

de Joseph Kane

Film In Old Sacramento

La Poursuite infernale

de John Ford

Film La Poursuite infernale

La Femme du pionnier

de Joseph Kane

Film La Femme du pionnier

Road to Alcatraz

de Nick Grinde

Film Road to Alcatraz

Bells of Rosarita

de Frank McDonald

Film Bells of Rosarita

Dangerous Partners

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Dangerous Partners


de John English

Film Utah

The Yellow Rose of Texas

de Joseph Kane

Film The Yellow Rose of Texas

Goodnight, Sweetheart

de Joseph Santley

Film Goodnight, Sweetheart

La Ruée sanglante

de Albert S. Rogell

Film La Ruée sanglante

Whistling in Brooklyn

de S. Sylvan Simon

Film Whistling in Brooklyn

La Fille et son cow-boy

de William A. Seiter

Film La Fille et son cow-boy

Northwest Rangers

de Joseph M. Newman

Film Northwest Rangers

Apache Trail

de Richard Thorpe

Film Apache Trail

H.M. Pulham, Esq.

de King Vidor

Film H.M. Pulham, Esq.

No Hands on the Clock

de Frank McDonald

Film No Hands on the Clock

Parachute Battalion

de Leslie Goodwins

Film Parachute Battalion

The Get-Away

de Edward Buzzell

Film The Get-Away

Billy the kid le réfractaire

de David Miller

Film Billy the kid le réfractaire

Fantôme de Chinatown

de Phil Rosen

Film Fantôme de Chinatown

Men Against the Sky

de Leslie Goodwins

Film Men Against the Sky

Condamné à Mort

de William Nigh

Film Condamné à Mort


de Robert F. McGowan

Film Tomboy

L'heure fatale

de William Nigh

Film L'heure fatale

Mr. Wong in Chinatown

de William Nigh

Film Mr. Wong in Chinatown

Boys' Reformatory

de Howard Bretherton

Film Boys' Reformatory

Le Mystère de Mr Wong

de William Nigh

Film Le Mystère de Mr Wong

Navy Secrets

de Howard Bretherton

Film Navy Secrets

Mr. Wong, Detective

de William Nigh

Film Mr. Wong, Detective

Three Loves Has Nancy

de Richard Thorpe

Film Three Loves Has Nancy

The Marines Come Thru

de Louis J. Gasnier

Film The Marines Come Thru

Held For Ransom

de Clarence Bricker

Film Held For Ransom

The Secret of Treasure Island

de Elmer Clifton

Film The Secret of Treasure Island

Bill Cracks Down

de William Nigh

Film Bill Cracks Down

Paradise Express

de Joseph Kane

Film Paradise Express

Jungle Jim

de Ford Beebe

Film Jungle Jim

The Fighting Marines

de B. Reeves Eason

Film The Fighting Marines

Valley of Wanted Men

de Alan James

Film Valley of Wanted Men

Waterfront Lady

de Joseph Santley

Film Waterfront Lady

Society Fever

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Society Fever

Goin' to Town

de Alexander Hall

Film Goin' to Town

Storm Over the Andes

de Christy Cabanne

Film Storm Over the Andes

Tailspin Tommy

de Lew Landers

Film Tailspin Tommy

The Red Rider

de Lew Landers

Film The Red Rider

The Secrets of Wu Sin

de Richard Thorpe

Film The Secrets of Wu Sin

Red Haired Alibi

de Christy Cabanne

Film Red Haired Alibi

Other Men's Women

de William A. Wellman

Film Other Men's Women

Sinners' Holiday

de John G. Adolfi

Film Sinners' Holiday

Scarlet Pages

de Ray Enright

Film Scarlet Pages

Dancing Sweeties

de Ray Enright

Film Dancing Sweeties

Soldiers and Women

de Edward Sloman

Film Soldiers and Women

Madonna of Avenue A

de Michael Curtiz

Film Madonna of Avenue A

Saturday's Children

de Gregory La Cava

Film Saturday's Children

The Greyhound Limited

de Howard Bretherton

Film The Greyhound Limited


de Will Price

Film Tripoly

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