Georgi Staykov



Georgi Staykov is a Bulgarian actor.
In Swedish cinema, he typically portrays Eastern European villains. "My Serbian friends refer to me as 'the main bad guy,'" he said in a 2007 interview. "I've played this role for all possible languages which has these 'bad guys' - Russian mafia, Hungarian... Serbian of course. Overall, I play Eastern Europeans. All bad guys who eventually die."
Staykov portrays Alexander Zalachenko, a former Soviet spy, in the film adaptations of the best-selling "Millennium Trilogy." He said he embraces the role of the villain. "Unfortunately, the underlying opinion is that negative roles are very flat and without strong character. But I disagree. On the contrary, all the characters are flesh and blood, and as Socrates said, 'Nobody is born bad — they are bad due to lack of knowledge.'"
Staykov lives and teaches acting in Stockholm, with his Swedish wife, an opera singer. Their son, Albert Nicholas, was born in February 2007.


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