Georges Renavent

Acteur né le 23 avril 1894 (décédé à 74 ans)


Georges Renavent was an actor in American classic films, Broadway plays and operator of American Grand Guignol. He was born in Paris, France.
He was married to Selena Royle, an actress and daughter of Edwin Milton Royle, author of The Squaw Man, which was adapted for film and starred Cecil B. DeMille.
They left the United States to live in Mexico after Selena was unfairly entangled in the McCarthy era Communism investigations and Hollywood blacklist. While in Mexico, both Selena and Georges continued to be active in the arts and put out various cookbooks, including Pheasants for Peasants, A Gringa's Guide to Mexican Cooking, and Guadalajara As I Know, Live It, Love It.


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