George Hazel



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Western Cyclone

de Sam Newfield

Film Western Cyclone

Overland Mail

de Ford Beebe

Film Overland Mail

Go West, Young Lady

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Go West, Young Lady

Fugitive Valley

de S. Roy Luby

Film Fugitive Valley

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe

de Sam Newfield

Film Billy the Kid in Santa Fe

Pony Post

de Ray Taylor

Film Pony Post

The Man from Tumbleweeds

de Joseph H. Lewis

Film The Man from Tumbleweeds

Boss of Bullion City

de Ray Taylor

Film Boss of Bullion City

The Oregon Trail

de Ford Beebe

Film The Oregon Trail

Two-Fisted Sheriff

de Leon Barsha

Film Two-Fisted Sheriff

Last of the Clintons

de Harry L. Fraser

Film Last of the Clintons

North of Arizona

de Harry S. Webb

Film North of Arizona

Sunrise Trail

de John P. McCarthy

Film Sunrise Trail