Fan Siu Wong

Acteur de 46 ans (19 juin 1973)


Louis Fan Siu-wong is a Hong Kong actor and martial artist. He is best known for his role as Ricky in Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky and as Jin Shanzhao in Ip Man and Ip Man 2, as well as his roles in some television series produced by TVB.


Bounty Hunters

de Shin Tae-Ra

Film Bounty Hunters

Kung Fu Jungle

de Teddy Chan

Film Kung Fu Jungle

Le Roi singe

de Soi Cheang

Film Le Roi singe

Pay Back

de Fu Xi

Film Pay Back

Dragon Gate : La Légende des sabres...

de Tsui Hark

Film Dragon Gate : La Légende des sabres volants

Wudang Masters

de Patrick Leung

Film Wudang Masters

Histoire de fantômes chinois

de Wilson Yip

Film Histoire de fantômes chinois

Ip Man

de Wilson Yip

Film Ip Man

Yip Man chinchyun

de Herman Yau

Film Yip Man chinchyun

IP Man 2

de Wilson Yip

Film IP Man 2

Time Warriors : La Révolte des muta...

de Wong Jing

Film Time Warriors : La Révolte des mutants

Mei lai muk ling

de Wong Jing

Film Mei lai muk ling

On his Majesty's secret service

de Wong Jing

Film On his Majesty's secret service

Kung Fu Chefs

de Ken Yip Wing-Kin

Film Kung Fu Chefs


de Benny Chan

Film Connected

The Moss

de Derek Kwok

Film The Moss

Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger

de Allen Lan Hai Han

Film Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger

The Death Games

de James Wu Kuo-Ren

Film The Death Games

Da mo zu shi

de Brandy Yuen

Film Da mo zu shi


de Kirk Wong

Film O.C.T.B.

Supercop 2

de Stanley Tong

Film Supercop 2

Riki-oh the story of Ricky

de Lam Nai-Choi

Film Riki-oh the story of Ricky

Zai jian ma mi

de David Lam

Film Zai jian ma mi

Jiao tou fa wei

de Sun Chung

Film Jiao tou fa wei

Descendant of the Sun

de Chor Yuen

Film Descendant of the Sun