Etienne Girardot

Acteur né le 22 février 1856 (décédé à 83 ans)


Etienne Girardot was a diminutive stage and film actor of Anglo-French parentage born in London, England.
The son of an artist, he studied at an art school, but left at age seventeen to go on stage. Having played in the provinces, he made his debut on the London stage at the Haymarket Theatre. He went to America in 1893, where he continued his career. He was a success, with numerous Broadway shows to his credit, including the original 1893 production of Charley's Aunt, in which he played Lord Fancourt Babberley for three years.
He also worked in film, both silents and talkies, debuting in 1911 in Intrepid Davy. Among his film roles were the harmless lunatic who fancies himself a millionaire in the 1934 screwball comedy Twentieth Century, with John Barrymore and Carole Lombard, and the harassed coroner in three murder mysteries starring William Powell as detective Philo Vance.



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