Edwin Maxwell

Acteur né le 09 février 1886 (décédé à 62 ans)


Edwin Maxwell was an Irish character actor in Hollywood movies of the 1930s and 1940s, frequently cast as shady businessmen and shysters, though often ones with a dignified bearing.
From 1939 to 1942, Maxwell served as the dialogue director for the films of epic director Cecil B. DeMille. Maxwell is notable for appearing in four Academy Award-winning Best Pictures: All Quiet on the Western Front, Grand Hotel, The Great Ziegfeld and You Can't Take It With You.



de Henry Koster

Film Harvey

Campus Honeymoon

de Richard Sale

Film Campus Honeymoon

The Gangster

de Gordon Wiles

Film The Gangster

Une question de vie ou de mort

de Michael Powell

Film Une question de vie ou de mort

Second Chance

de James Tinling

Film Second Chance

Le Roman d'Al Jolson

de Alfred E. Green

Film Le Roman d'Al Jolson

Le Marais en Feu

de William H. Pine

Film Le Marais en Feu

The Shop Around the Corner

de Ernst Lubitsch

Film The Shop Around the Corner


de Ernst Lubitsch

Film Ninotchka

La Dame du vendredi

de Howard Hawks

Film La Dame du vendredi

Practically Yours

de Mitchell Leisen

Film Practically Yours

The Great Moment

de Preston Sturges

Film The Great Moment


de Steve Sekely

Film Waterfront

Behind Prison Walls

de Steve Sekely

Film Behind Prison Walls

Street of Chance

de Jack Hively

Film Street of Chance

Ten Gentlemen From West Point

de Henry Hathaway

Film Ten Gentlemen From West Point

Pacific Blackout

de Ralph Murphy

Film Pacific Blackout

Buy Me That Town

de Eugene Forde

Film Buy Me That Town

Ride on Vaquero

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Ride on Vaquero

Kit Carson

de George B. Seitz

Film Kit Carson

New Moon

de Robert Z. Leonard

Film New Moon

L'oiseau bleu

de Walter Lang

Film L'oiseau bleu

Way Down South

de Leslie Goodwins

Film Way Down South

Rich Man, Poor Girl

de Reinhold Schünzel

Film Rich Man, Poor Girl

Hold That Kiss

de Edwin L. Marin

Film Hold That Kiss

Love Takes Flight

de Conrad Nagel

Film Love Takes Flight

Slave Ship

de Tay Garnett

Film Slave Ship

Night Key

de Lloyd Corrigan

Film Night Key

Le Vandale

de Howard Hawks

Film Le Vandale

Le Roman de Marguerite Gautier

de George Cukor

Film Le Roman de Marguerite Gautier

To Mary - with Love

de John Cromwell

Film To Mary - with Love

Empreintes digitales

de Raoul Walsh

Film Empreintes digitales

Thanks a Million

de Roy Del Ruth

Film Thanks a Million

Happiness C.O.D.

de Charles Lamont

Film Happiness C.O.D.

Men of Action

de Alan James

Film Men of Action

Motive for Revenge

de Burt P. Lynwood

Film Motive for Revenge

Burn 'Em Up Barnes

de Armand Schaefer

Film Burn 'Em Up Barnes

Back Page

de Anton Lorenze

Film Back Page

Mystery Liner

de William Nigh

Film Mystery Liner

Dancing Man

de Albert Ray

Film Dancing Man

The Ninth Guest

de Roy William Neill

Film The Ninth Guest


de Cecil B. DeMille

Film Cléopâtre

Ann Vickers

de John Cromwell

Film Ann Vickers

Broadway to Hollywood

de Willard Mack

Film Broadway to Hollywood

This Day and Age

de Cecil B. DeMille

Film This Day and Age

The Woman I Stole

de Irving Cummings

Film The Woman I Stole

The Mayor of Hell

de Archie Mayo

Film The Mayor of Hell

Emergency Call

de Edward L. Cahn

Film Emergency Call

Gambling Ship

de Louis J. Gasnier

Film Gambling Ship

Night of Terror

de Benjamin Stoloff

Film Night of Terror

Masques de cire

de Michael Curtiz

Film Masques de cire

Tonight Is Ours

de Stuart Walker

Film Tonight Is Ours

La Soupe au canard

de Leo McCarey

Film La Soupe au canard

You Said a Mouthful

de Lloyd Bacon

Film You Said a Mouthful

The Girl from Calgary

de Phil Whitman

Film The Girl from Calgary

6 Hours to Live

de William Dieterle

Film 6 Hours to Live

Blessed Event

de Roy Del Ruth

Film Blessed Event

Grand Hotel

de Edmund Goulding

Film Grand Hotel

While Paris Sleeps

de Allan Dwan

Film While Paris Sleeps

Young Bride

de William A. Seiter

Film Young Bride


de Howard Hawks

Film Scarface

Ambassador Bill

de Sam Taylor

Film Ambassador Bill

Le passeport jaune

de Raoul Walsh

Film Le passeport jaune


de Jacques Feyder

Film Daybreak

The Gorilla

de Bryan Foy

Film The Gorilla

Du Barry, Woman of Passion

de Sam Taylor

Film Du Barry, Woman of Passion

Top Speed

de Mervyn LeRoy

Film Top Speed

The Taming of the Shrew

de Sam Taylor

Film The Taming of the Shrew