Ed Nelson

Acteur né le 21 décembre 1928 (décédé à 85 ans)


Edwin Stafford Nelson is an American actor who is retired in his native Louisiana.
Nelson has appeared in numerous television programs, more than fifty motion pictures, and hundreds of stage productions. Until 2005, he was teaching acting and screenwriting in his native New Orleans at two local universities there. Hurricane Katrina prompted him to move his family to Sterlington near Monroe in Ouachita Parish in northeastern Louisiana.
Nelson began acting while attending Tulane University in New Orleans. He left college after two years to study at the New York School of Radio and Television Technique. After graduating, he took a position as a director at WDSU-TV in New Orleans. By 1956, acting became his central focus and he moved to the Los Angeles area. Early in his career he worked with famed B-movie producer Roger Corman on such Corman films as Cry Baby Killers, A Bucket of Blood, Teenage Cave Man and Attack of the Crab Monsters. In 1958 he participated in Bruno VeSota's science fiction horror film The Brain Eaters.
His early television career featured many guest starring roles in such series as Wagon Train, Black Saddle, Have Gun-Will Travel, Johnny Ringo, The Fugitive, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Gunsmoke, Harbor Command, Tombstone Territory, Tightrope, The Blue Angels, Laramie, COronado 9, The Eleventh Hour, Bonanza, Thriller, and Channing, an ABC drama about college life.


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