Doug McGrath

Acteur de 84 ans (13 avril 1935)


Doug McGrath, born in Nova Scotia, Canada on Aug. 21, 1939, is a Canadian actor whose most notable role was that of "Peter" in the acclaimed Canadian film Goin' Down the Road and its sequel Down the Road Again. He also played in acclaimed Canadian films Wedding in White, The Hard Part Begins and the original Black Christmas. He had a supporting role as a gym teacher in Porky's.
McGrath spent a significant amount of time acting in the U.S. and appeared in several films alongside Clint Eastwood, including The Gauntlet, Pale Rider and The Outlaw Josie Wales.


Down the Road Again

de Donald Shebib

Film Down the Road Again

Ghosts of Mars

de John Carpenter

Film Ghosts of Mars


de Rick King

Film Quick

Pale Rider, le cavalier solitaire

de Clint Eastwood

Film Pale Rider, le cavalier solitaire


de Bob Clark

Film Porky's

Coming Out Alive

de Don McBrearty

Film Coming Out Alive

Bronco Billy

de Clint Eastwood

Film Bronco Billy

L'Épreuve de force

de Clint Eastwood

Film L'Épreuve de force

Josey Wales hors-la-loi

de Clint Eastwood

Film Josey Wales hors-la-loi

Cruisin' High

de John A. Bushelman

Film Cruisin' High

Helter Skelter

de Tom Gries

Film Helter Skelter

Russian Roulette

de Lou Lombardo

Film Russian Roulette

Black Christmas

de Bob Clark

Film Black Christmas

The Hard Part Begins

de Paul Lynch

Film The Hard Part Begins

Wedding in White

de William Fruet

Film Wedding in White

Goin' Down the Road

de Donald Shebib

Film Goin' Down the Road