Dorothy Christy

Actrice née le 26 mai 1906 (décédée à 71 ans)


Dorothy Christy was an American actress. She acted with Will Rogers, Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers and with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the film Sons of the Desert, in the role of Mrs Laurel. She was Queen Tika of Murania in The Phantom Empire, Gene Autry’s 1935 cliffhanger serial. She concluded her cinema career in 1953.
Dorothy Christy died five days shy of her seventy-seventh birthday of natural causes.


Le Rebelle

de King Vidor

Film Le Rebelle

Fighting Back

de Malcolm St. Clair

Film Fighting Back

The Magnificent Rogue

de Albert S. Rogell

Film The Magnificent Rogue

La Vie secrète de Walter Mitty

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film La Vie secrète de Walter Mitty


de Otto Preminger

Film Laura

La belle de san-francisco

de Joseph Kane

Film La belle de san-francisco

Fashion Model

de William Beaudine

Film Fashion Model

Cowboy and the Senorita

de Joseph Kane

Film Cowboy and the Senorita

Sunset on the Desert

de Joseph Kane

Film Sunset on the Desert

Sailors on Leave

de Albert S. Rogell

Film Sailors on Leave

Men with Steel Faces

de Otto Brower

Film Men with Steel Faces

They Shall Have Music

de Archie Mayo

Film They Shall Have Music

East Side of Heaven

de David Butler

Film East Side of Heaven

Submarine Patrol

de John Ford

Film Submarine Patrol

Woman Against Woman

de Robert B. Sinclair

Film Woman Against Woman

You Can't Have Everything

de Norman Taurog

Film You Can't Have Everything

Laurel et Hardy - Le valet casse to...

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film Laurel et Hardy - Le valet casse tout

The Daring Young Man

de William A. Seiter

Film The Daring Young Man

The Phantom Empire

de Otto Brower

Film The Phantom Empire

6 Day Bike Rider

de Lloyd Bacon

Film 6 Day Bike Rider

One Exciting Adventure

de Ernst L. Frank

Film One Exciting Adventure

Million Dollar Ransom

de Murray Roth

Film Million Dollar Ransom

Les Compagnons de la nouba

de William A. Seiter

Film Les Compagnons de la nouba

Slightly Married

de Richard Thorpe

Film Slightly Married

Arm of the Law

de Louis King

Film Arm of the Law

Night Life in Reno

de Raymond Cannon

Film Night Life in Reno

Grief Street

de Richard Thorpe

Film Grief Street

Gold Dust Gertie

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Gold Dust Gertie

Big Business Girl

de William A. Seiter

Film Big Business Girl

King of the Wild

de B. Reeves Eason

Film King of the Wild

Playboy of Paris

de Ludwig Berger

Film Playboy of Paris

Buster se marie

de Edward Sedgwick

Film Buster se marie