Donald O'Brien

Acteur né le 15 septembre 1930 (décédé à 73 ans)


Donal "Donald" O'Brien was a French-born Italian film and television actor of Irish descent. In his near 40-year career, O'Brien appeared in dozens of stage performances and in more than 60 film and television productions.
O'Brien was born in Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, raised in both Northern France and Dublin, Ireland with his family, and made his feature film debut in 1953 with Anatole Litvak's war drama Act of Love. He studied acting in Dublin and initially joined the Gate Theatre at age 19 before making the transition to film several years later. O'Brien's performance in The Train, in which he played an SS Feldwebel, led to his first breakout role in Grand Prix starring alongside James Garner and Eva Marie Saint.
He was particularly known for his performances in the Spaghetti Western genre of the late-1960s and 70s, with memorable roles in Run, Man, Run!, Four of the Apocalypse, Keoma, A Man Called Blade and They Died with Their Boots On, as well as later appearances in Italian horror, post-apocalyptic, and zombie films. In 1980, O'Brien suffered a head injury which left him in a coma for three days and partially paralyzed. Though eventually recovering from his injuries, his mobility was significantly limited for the rest of his life. In spite of this, O'Brien continued to work for another decade in the Italian film industry, almost exclusively for directors Lucio Fulci and Joe D'Amato. His last years included supporting roles in The Name of the Rose and The Devil's Daughter.


Briganti - Amore e Libertà

de Marco Modugno

Film Briganti - Amore e Libertà

La Fuite au paradis

de Ettore Pasculli

Film La Fuite au paradis

Quest for the Mighty Sword

de Joe D'Amato

Film Quest for the Mighty Sword

La Maison du cauchemar

de Umberto Lenzi

Film La Maison du cauchemar

2072, les mercenaires du futur

de Lucio Fulci

Film 2072, les mercenaires du futur

Commando Panther

de Pierre Chevalier

Film Commando Panther

2020 Texas Gladiators

de Joe D'Amato

Film 2020 Texas Gladiators

La Terreur des zombies

de Marino Girolami

Film La Terreur des zombies

Duri a morire

de Joe D'Amato

Film Duri a morire

Yeti, Le géant d'un autre monde

de Gianfranco Parolini

Film Yeti, Le géant d'un autre monde

Emanuelle et les derniers cannibale...

de Joe D'Amato

Film Emanuelle et les derniers cannibales

Mannaja, l'homme a la hache

de Sergio Martino

Film Mannaja, l'homme a la hache


de Enzo G. Castellari

Film Keoma

Giochi erotici di una famiglia per ...

de Francesco Degli Espinosa

Film Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene

Les Quatre de l'apocalypse

de Lucio Fulci

Film Les Quatre de l'apocalypse

Zanna bianca alla riscossa

de Tonino Ricci

Film Zanna bianca alla riscossa

2 chinois dans l'ouest

de Yeo Ban Yee

Film 2 chinois dans l'ouest

Il sesso della strega

de Angelo Pannacciò

Film Il sesso della strega

Se t'incontro, t'ammazzo

de Gianni Crea

Film Se t'incontro, t'ammazzo

Saludos, hombre

de Sergio Sollima

Film Saludos, hombre

Le Train

de John Frankenheimer

Film Le Train

Les scélérats

de Robert Hossein

Film Les scélérats

Frankenstein 2000

de Joe D'Amato

Film Frankenstein 2000

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