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Cody Arens is an African American teen actor and voice actor. He is the brother of Logan Arens and Skye Arens. He is most notable for the voice of Littlefoot in The Land Before Time television series based on the films and The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends and as the role of Liam Fitzpatrick, the younger brother of Maddie Fitzpatrick, on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He also plays as the young Ethan Kendrick in the film D-War, which was released in the United States on September 14, 2007, and is the voice of young Jaster in Rogue Galaxy. He also had a minor role in Meet the Parents in 2000 and Anger Management in 2003. In 2005, Cody won a Young Artist Award for the 2004 TV Movie Plainsong.


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