Chubby Johnson

Acteur né le 13 août 1903 (décédé à 71 ans)


Charles "Chubby" Johnson was an American film and television supporting character actor with a genial demeanor and warm country-accented voice perfect for westerns.
A native of Terre Haute, Indiana, Johnson was a journalist and radio announcer before he entered film and television when he was past forty years of age. Beginning with the Randolph Scott western Abilene Town, which also starred Ann Dvorak and Edgar Buchanan, in which he had an uncredited part as a homesteader, Johnson made more than eighty screen appearances between 1946 and 1972. He appeared in eight different roles between 1957 and 1961 in the ABC/Warner Brothers television series Maverick, often as a comical stagecoach driver or deputy.
In 1959, Johnson was cast as Sheriff Ed Wilson in the episode "The Twisted Road" of the syndicated Rex Allen western series, Frontier Doctor. With a surprise ending, the episode features Robert Vaughn and Virginia Christine as a brother and sister.
In 1960, Johnson was cast with Virginia Gregg in the roles of Jessie and Julie Turnbull in the episode, "The Last Days of Jessie Turnbull", of the ABC western drama, The Man from Blackhawk, starring Robert Rockwell as a roving insurance investigator.


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