Christopher Fulford



Christopher Fulford is a British actor who is best known for his supporting roles in many British TV shows.
In his early career he often appeared in British crime dramas. He was guest star of both the ITV crime series Inspector Morse, in "Driven to Distraction" and as a killer in the early A Touch of Frost episode "Widows and Orphans". In 1993, Fulford also starred in the BBC adaptation of Scarlet and Black alongside a virtually unknown Ewan McGregor and Rachel Weisz. He also appeared as a "male vigilante" in Dalziel & Pascoe and a corrupt footballer in The Fix.
He has featured as the murderer in the Hollywood film D-Tox, and also appeared in Millions and Pierrepoint and the television dramas The Last Train and Deceit. He has also appeared extensively on British television, appearing in guest roles in many episodes of series such as Inspector Morse, Cracker, Prime Suspect, Dalziel and Pascoe, Wire in the Blood, Spooks, Judge John Deed, Waking the Dead and The Brief. He recently appeared in the ITV1 dramas Whitechapel and Collision, both alongside Phil Davis. He also played a suicidal Prime Minister in the British TV-series The Last Enemy.



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