Charlie Cho

Acteur de 69 ans (24 mars 1950)


Charlie Cho Cha Lee, a famous male actor in Hong Kong pornography films, especially during the 1980s. His over-acting approach can be regarded as one of the trademarks of Hong Kong soft porn films. He also worked in mainstream films, such as the Jackie Chan feature Police Story.


Flirting in the Air

de Aman Chang

Film Flirting in the Air

Hardcore Comedy

de Henri Wong

Film Hardcore Comedy

Bou ying

de Law Wing-cheong

Film Bou ying

Terreur à Hong Kong

de Wong Jing

Film Terreur à Hong Kong

Xing jie lan gui fang

de Chung Chi Cheung

Film Xing jie lan gui fang

Yin le jiang shi

de Wilson Tong

Film Yin le jiang shi

Wizard's Curse

de Yuen Cheung-Yan

Film Wizard's Curse

Forced Nightmare

de Lau Sze-Yu

Film Forced Nightmare

The Pretty Ghostress Story

de Do Gong-Yue

Film The Pretty Ghostress Story

Pretty Woman

de Yeung Chi-Gin

Film Pretty Woman

Zhuo gui zhuan men dian

de Guy Lai

Film Zhuo gui zhuan men dian

Return of the Evil Fox

de Chuo-Chi Leung

Film Return of the Evil Fox

Yi mei dao gu

de Chen Chi-Hwa

Film Yi mei dao gu

Ghostly Vixen

de Wellson Chin

Film Ghostly Vixen

My Neighbours are Phantoms

de Lau Shut-Yue

Film My Neighbours are Phantoms

The Fortune Code

de Kent Cheng

Film The Fortune Code

Meng gui zhuang gui

de Yuen Jun-Man

Film Meng gui zhuang gui

Ghost Fever

de Lau Sze-Yu

Film Ghost Fever

Operation Pink Squad II

de Jeffrey Lau

Film Operation Pink Squad II

Little Cop

de Eric Tsang

Film Little Cop

Lucky Guys

Film Lucky Guys

Stumbling Cops

de Guy Lai

Film Stumbling Cops

Mistaken Identity

de Tsui Siu-Ming

Film Mistaken Identity

Qiu ai gan si dui

de Wong Jing

Film Qiu ai gan si dui

Tong tian pai dang

de Hsu Hsia

Film Tong tian pai dang

The Crazy Companies

de Wong Jing

Film The Crazy Companies

The Eighth Happiness

de Johnnie To

Film The Eighth Happiness

The Haunted Cop Shop II

de Jeffrey Lau

Film The Haunted Cop Shop II

Return of the Demon

de Wong Ying

Film Return of the Demon

Born to Gamble

de Wong Jing

Film Born to Gamble

The Innocent Interloper

de Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

Film The Innocent Interloper


de Joe Cheung

Film Rosa

Wo yao jin gui xu

de Frankie Chan Fan-Kei

Film Wo yao jin gui xu

Police Story

de Jackie Chan

Film Police Story

Prince Charming

de Wong Jing

Film Prince Charming

Mad Mission 3

de Tsui Hark

Film Mad Mission 3

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

de Clifford Choi

Film Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Mad Mission II

de Eric Tsang

Film Mad Mission II

La Course à l'emploi

de John Woo

Film La Course à l'emploi

Bat sap yee ga fong hak

de Lee Pooi-Kuen

Film Bat sap yee ga fong hak